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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Our Natural Immune Booster

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Our Natural Immune Booster

With our current culture more aware of the benefits of strengthening the immune system than ever before, Modul8 remains a sought-after, trusted natural immune booster in many households. If you are currently on a journey towards better health and want to know how to incorporate Modul8 into your lifestyle, keep reading below as we answer some frequently asked questions we often receive from customers.

  1. Do Natural and Homoeopathic Therapies Really Work?

    Often thought of as alternative medicine, homoeopathic therapies simply make use of Homeopathic ingredients that assist the body in healing itself by activating Macrophages (kind of white cells) of the body. Properties found within quality homoeopathic medicines stimulate the intrinsic self-healing abilities of the body. In the case of Modul8, a natural immune booster and potent immunomodulator on bio-active principles, high-quality ingredients have been carefully selected and expertly combined to provide users with benefits backed by science. This blend can be used to assist the body in fighting off infections, illness, and disease, and enables the immune system to function optimally once again.

  1. What is the Role of Immunomodulators?

    Derived from widely-used homoeopathic formulations found in the German pharmacopoeia, Modul8 is, essentially, a natural immune system booster (immunomodulator) that was created to improve the human body’s ability to heal itself. The role of immunomodulators in health and wellness include:

  • Regulating the immune
  • Restoring the balance of immune cells and assisting them in proper functioning.
  • Assisting under-performing (weakened) and over-stimulated immunity which can result in a number of conditions.
  1. What Are the Benefits of Using Modul8?

    Scientific and clinical studies have indicated that the Modul8 formulation displays both anti-cancer and protective activity in the human body. Not only does it help to fight off infections and harmful pathogens, but the formulation may assist in alleviating symptoms linked to:

  • Chronic coughing
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Swollen glands
  • Aches and pains throughout the pain
  • Inflammation in the body
  1. Who Would Benefit from Modul8?

    This complex homoeopathic remedy has no known drug interactions and has been in use for the past 12 years in South Africa. Not a single interaction case has been found, and the only contraindications are hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients, which hasn’t been reported yet. The natural immunity booster is safe for you and your family. Individuals who would benefit most from Modul8 are immunocompromised patients with low system defences. Often, these are the patients who have a difficult time staving off minor infections and take a long time to heal when they do fall ill. Impaired and weakened immunity means that an individual is hyper susceptible to viral, bacterial, and fungal infections that would normally have much less of an effect on healthy individuals.

  1. Where Can I Find a Modul8 Stockist?

    Our tried-and-tested brand is available at reputable pharmacies across South Africa, including Alpha Pharm, The Local Choice, Clicks Pharmacies, Link Pharmacies, Dis-Chem, and Medirite.

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