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Get More than an Immunity Booster: Restore Vitality and Immune System Balance

An immunity booster helps to strengthen the body’s immune system. Why is it important? The human body is exposed to environmental pathogens daily. However, the body has the external barrier of the skin and mucus to form the first boundary. If, however, the pathogens break through the first line of defence, the body still has the immune system to fight off and kill the pathogens. If the body’s immune system is compromised, it gets sick and may struggle to fight off disease. In the compromised state, it can be vulnerable and susceptible to more diseases.

Modul8 is more than just an immunity booster. It is an immuno-modulator. What does it mean? It simply means the homoeopathic formulation helps to restore the ratio of the various immune cells to create the right balance. The word “modulator” refers to the regulating effect. With this formulation, the balance is restored when the body’s immune system performs at a sub-standard level and is thus compromised or is over-active (meaning that it goes into an auto-immune state).

To perform at its peak, the balance of the various immune cells must be right, and this is what Modul8 makes possible. Modul8 therefore aids the functioning of the immune system via regulation (and in this sense acts as an immunity booster). With this said, however, it is even better than a strict immunity booster because it helps the body to do the work. With improved immunity, the body has an improved barrier against diseases.

What is Modul8?

It is homoeopathic formulation, consisting of natural ingredients, which in the specific combination act as an immunity regulator. Symptoms such as fatigue, vomiting, swollen glands, inflammation, body aches and constant coughing are signs of an infection. The body is fighting some type of attack. To help it win the battle, it may need an immunity regulator. The International Academy of Classical Homoeopathy & Homoeopathic Materia has noted that the combination of ingredients as present in Modul8 may help to reduce these latter symptoms.

Since 2008, when it was first introduced in the market, the formulation has been used by thousands. It has been reported to be effective in boosting immunity to give the body the protection it needs to fight off infections.

Closer look at immuno-modulators

Immuno-modulators are not immune boosters as such, but are rather regulators. The immune system can only operate as it should if a correct balance of the various immune cells exists. For this to happen there must be some kind of regulation, and this role is performed by the immuno-regulators.

How Modul8 plays a part

If a person’s immune system does not perform as it is supposed to, then the person’s immune system cannot respond appropriately to a threat. The Modul8 drops have been noted to help a person with a weakened or impaired immune system to fight off bacterial, viral and fungal attacks. It is not meant to replace medication. Instead, it can be used along with the medication that the person has to take.

Why Buy Modul8?

It is essential to keep this formulation available for when more than an immunity booster is needed to restore the balance of immune cells. In effect, the homoeopathic formulation aids the body in the healing process. View the list of stockists in South Africa where you can buy the drops to help restore vitality.

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