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How to Boost Your Immune System with a Trusted Remedy

Microorganisms are all around us. This means that human bodies are constantly exposed to these microorganisms. Fortunately, the skin and the mucus lining provide a first defence, preventing the microorganisms from entering the body. However, where these microorganisms manage to penetrate the defence barriers, the body still has an active immune system to destroy the harmful pathogens. To help the body fight such threats daily, it is essential to boost immune system strength. To this end, the research and lifelong work of Dorly de Freitas Buch (Ph.D. in Biological Sciences) has led to the development of Modul8 (M8), which helps the body’s immune system fight off infections.

How does M8 help to boost the immune system?

The formulation increases CD4 cells, which release Cytokines. These activate Macrophages, which through a process called phagocytosis, ingest the parasites that attack the body. The parasites, once engulfed, are destroyed through the production of Nitric Oxide. To gain a better understanding of how to boost immune system strength through M8, let’s take a closer look at the components mentioned.

Role of CD4 cells

CD4 cells are often referred to as the T-helper cells. These CD4 cells release Cytokines, which are protein mediators. They act to change the target cell behaviour. The CD4 cells are part of the white blood cell group, responsible for fighting disease or attacks on the body’s health. The M8 increases the body’s CD4 cells. With more available, the immune system gets a boost. If the CD4 cells are depleted, the body’s immune system becomes compromised. It is thus essential to ensure sufficient CD4 cells are present as these cells increase the antibody count and increase the body’s ability to fight off a particular infection.

The Cytokines

These are small proteins, which make it possible for cells to communicate with each other. They act as the mediators. One cell releases the cytokine to regulate the behaviour of the receiving cell: that is, the cell with a receptor for the cytokine.

The cytokines are important as these proteins can change the behaviour of a target cell. They are essential in tissue repair, healing, and boosting the immune system to fight off a particular threat.

More about Macrophages

These are specific types of tissue cells (white blood cells) that form part of the body’s immune system and can be free or fixed. They act to destroy viruses, bacteria, and other types of pathogens. If any pathogen enters the body, the macrophages are activated to ingest the invasive antigen through the secretion of a substance. This process is what we refer to as phagocytosis.

More about Phagocytosis

It is the process whereby cells or pathogens are ingested by, for example, macrophages. Once engulfed, the parasites are destroyed through the release of Nitric Oxide and the foreign invaders are removed from the body.

M8 contains exactly what the body needs to activate the cells that destroy harmful pathogens. View more information about Modul8 and learn how it helps to boost your immune system to fight off a range of diseases. It is now available at stockists around the country. View the list of stockists in South Africa where you can find this safe and trusted remedy to help your body fight off disease.

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