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New concepts and epigenetics

Einstein revealed that energy and matter are the “same” thing, that we do not live in a universe of physical objects separated by empty space. The universe is a complete, dynamic and indivisible being in which energy and matter are so closely linked that they cannot be regarded as independent elements.

I already mentioned in another post how we were surprised in the 60s when the DNA supremacy dropped down because it was discovered that the Great Truth, what was “known” to be a one-way pathway, i.e., DNA-RNA-Protein, could also occur in the opposite direction, that is, Protein-RNA-DNA and the existence of an enzyme now called transcriptase reverse. We know that individuals change necessary for their survival, to adapt to the environment in which they live. When I was a Biology student, in our classes we have big discussions about Darwin and Lamarck, that is, what would be more important for human survival, the environment or genes. And as knowledge of mankind is growing despite opposing opposition and dogmas, the revolutionary new field of Epigenetics has shown that environmental influences such as emotions, stress, nutrition, pH change, can influence genes. We need to repeat this important new knowledge: Epigenetics has shown that environmental influences such as emotions, stress, nutrition, pH change, can influence genes.

DNA forms the centre of the chromosome and proteins form a coating around it. While the genes are covered, your information cannot be read. Only a signal from the environment can alter the conformation of this protein layer, allowing genes to be read.

So, a big avenue, with intense traffic in many directions, showing us that the interaction between genes and environment is fundamental to survival. And amazingly, the study of cell biology has shown us that it all starts at the cell membrane, which through small changes, for example, exposure of a positive or negative signal, can open or close channels, altering the whole physiology. Therefore, it becomes easier to imagine one of the possible mechanisms of action of homeopathic products, that is, how water has free access to the cell, acting on the hydrogen bonds and other exposed epitopes on proteins that protect the DNA of genes. These “small” changes allow the macrophages to be activated and to signal other cells of the Immune System. Therefore, according to current knowledge, we can summarize as follows, being MODUL8 the environment sign:

Modul8 Enhanced Immune Support

Prof. Dr. Dorly de Freitas Buchi 

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