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Evolution of Humanity Knowledge

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15 years ago, I attended a lecture by a doctor in Physics, professor at a university, talking about the knowledge of humanity and the development of technology. This physicist took us on a journey back in time to 1900. Scientists had discovered a computer disk. But in ancient times there was no computer, so they handled, turned, analyzed with what they possessed of technology at the time. And they concluded that it was only an artefact made of plastic and metal, of no importance, for as much as they tried to discover what it contained, what its secret, nothing was revealed. There was still not enough technology to uncover all the possible information stored in it. It might contain precious information for mankind, but it would simply be despised. A few years later, with the development of computer technology, they were able to read the information contained therein, leaving the artefact to be simply plastic and metal. So is the current technology for analyzing a bottle of homeopathic medicine. We see the glass, the plastic bulb and water. Nothing we detected inside the water. And even in our times some mysteries last, for example, water is formed by two gases: one explosive and another that fires the flame. Combined form a liquid that does not explode and much fewer fires flames. Rather, it is used to extinguish flames. “The H2O formula is nothing more than a representation of the substance. We must use it but taking care not to confuse with the reality of the substance water, much more complex and profound than what two letters of the alphabet and a number allow us to foresee.” Gravity has always existed, but after Isaac Newton worked out a formula, mankind developed fantastic technologies and today we receive images of Mars and moons present in the “final” solar system. To deny the evidence of gravity long before Newton formulated about it does not seem intelligent to us today. The knowledge of humanity available today does not allow us to access the information contained in the “floppy disk” called the homeopathy bottle. But to deny the evidence that something happens, that what we observe, what we can photograph, measure in the laboratory, that changes occur does not seem very clever either. According to legend, Galileo Galilei said, after being forced to agree that the Earth was immovable in the centre of the Universe” and yet it moves!”

Denying evidence is not smart, new physical and biological research to better understand, is the way.

Prof. Dr. Dorly de Freitas Buchi 

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