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Introducing Homeopathy at the cell culture lab

During many years my life, my joy, my curiosity, what moved me on were the “little things”. At the end of the 90’s a new challenge emerged, as what happened when I was 17 when I met the genetics lab. Homeopathy has arisen in my life, totally unknown to me, as was genetics when I was 17 years old and study Latin. I had never used either myself or my children; I had never even read about homeopathy, just “knew” that it did not work. Almost at same time, a friend with tuberculosis and a cousin with cancer in lungs used inhalation of homeopathic medicine. Because my studies with macrophages, I knew that in both cases it was necessary activated alveolar macrophages. As both had improved fast, and everyone told me that homeopathy did not work, I took some and test in the lab over macrophages culture. And nothing happened! But I knew macrophages were activated. Therefore, as I never used homeopathy, perhaps I was doing something wrong. After talking with homeopaths, I tried to do sucussion before adding the medicine at culture. Of course, before did this, I and people at the lab laughed a lot, because hit the bottle in the palm of hand before used it, was to make magic.  Awesome, less than 24 hours later the macrophages were activated. Because my studies with macrophages receptors, I was sure the medicine should have active principle inside. But even using 30% of medicine in culture, the macrophages were very well, and this is incredible also. I used to put µL of substances (LPS, IFN, and so on) in culture medium. The mystery was over table and our curiosity was on. After this a snowball was thrown down the hill.

Percentage of activated macrophages after adding a homeopathic medicine with different times of sucussion (*p< 0.05).












Prof. Dr. Dorly de Freitas Buchi 

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