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My life with Science


When I was at secondary school, and I was getting ready to go to University in the Human Science area, I met a childhood friend that was very happy. He said he is working in a Genetic lab at Federal University. And after talking a lot about how everything is fantastic, we agreed that in the afternoon he would show me everything, because he was sure that I would love to know the lab. And he was correct, because from this afternoon my life changed, I got to enter at the University in the biological area, where my passion for the knowledge of “small things”, molecules, microscopic life only grew. After managed to overcome various personal and family difficulties I graduated and began the post-graduation master’s degree in Genetics.
During graduation, I got a scientific initiation scholarship and became a specialist in Histology and Histological Techniques, and so, after graduating, at the age of 21, I was approved in an official concurs and passed to teach at university. With this age, I need to study too much to give classes to medicine students and finished my master’s degree. during my doctorate I moved to the cell periphery and beyond electron microscopy, which became one more passion, I specialized in macrophages and cell membrane, endocytosis, receptors and cell activation.

Prof. Dr. Dorly de Freitas Buchi 

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